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Don't worry if you don't have a plan or an idea about what you can do, Registered Builder and Remodeler Vince Kimbel personally works with each client to develop a custom plan that meets the design criteria desired.  Good design starts with listening to the clients needs and wants and strategically working those desires into a plan that fits in the space available.  Sometimes this involves compromise, but throughout the process Vince works directly with the client to make sure their project will be a success.


Kimbel Construction, Inc. does not charge for estimates.  We do however charge for the development and completion of any building plans or drawings necessary to complete an estimate.  Clients may supply their own completed plans and copies to us for no additional charges, however we do not work with architecturally challenged supplied plans.

PLANS:  (The following fees will be charged to all customers for development of Building Plans)

Deposits on plans will be collected prior to starting plans.  All open balances on plan fees are due and payable upon completion and receipt of plans and/or invoice.  All plans become the joint property of Customer and Kimbel Construction, Inc.



New Construction - Preliminary Plans: fees vary. 

(Deposit $300 — Minimum $300.00 — Maximum $600.00)

These fees typically include consultations with customer, plan development, value engineering and computer designed drafting services.  Fees range from $300 to $600 per plan (for a typical average size home) and include preliminary floor plans and a preliminary front elevation.  Other elevations to be included with Final Plans.


New Construction - Final Plans: All fees paid for Preliminary Plans to be deducted from Final Plans price.

Final Plans fees will be charged according to the following:

Total House Sq. Ft. (1’st & 2’nd Floors) with Unfinished Reg. Basement: $.42 per sq. ft.

Walkout Basement Elevations: $50 flat fee

Below Grade Finished Rooms: $.21 per sq. ft.

(Attached 1,2 or 3 car garages are included with the above prices.)

(Price includes 1 minor revision.  Additional or major revisions to be completed on a per hour charge.)


Remodeling  - Preliminary Plans: $45 per hr.

(Deposit $100.00 - Minimum $100.00 - Maximum $300.00)

These fees typically include the following labor: field measurements, consultations with customer, plan development, value engineering & rough drafting services.






(The following fees will be charged to all customers for Reprographics.)

Bidding an average size home usually requires about 9 to 12 sets of building plans.  All fees associated with reprographics will be billed at actual cost and are due and payable upon receipt of invoice.




































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