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- Made In America Homebuilding -






Last year I was intrigued with a story by ABC's Diane Sawyer about building a home out of 100% American made materials.  The more I thought about it, the more I got excited about the possibility of actually building this type of home in Louisville.  Most of you know how I like to pioneer new ideas and concepts into our local industry and building a "Made In America Home" seems like the natural thing to do.  Call it patriotism, call it trying to do the right thing, call it whatever you want, but I believe if more builders adopted this policy we might make our nation a little more resilient and improve our economy.


There are only a handful of homes across this nation that carry this American label and not only do we feel compelled to do this, but we know this is what we should be doing to support our fellow citizens.  I heard that if every builder bought just 5% more American made materials, we would create 220,000 new jobs.  Absolutely amazing when you think about it.  We, with YOUR help, CAN make a difference!  




DIRECTIONS:  I-64 to Shelbyville Road (toward Eastwood).  Veer right at Eastwood fork.  Turn right onto Eastwood-Fisherville Road.  Follow East-wood Fisherville Road (go under I-64) to turn left into Shakes Run Subdivision.  Follow Shakes Creek Drive to last street on left (before going into new section).



Thank you to our homeowners, contractors and suppliers for helping make this happen!

















Here are some of the "Made In America" products being installed:  (A LOT More to be added...)
















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