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Why Choose Kimbel Construction, Inc.

Building a new custom home with Kimbel Construction, Inc. is a good decision because we start with trust , we deliver quality , we meet and exceed expectations and we warrant our homes.  Our homes in some ways are not much different than other homes.  What sets our homes apart from others is how the components of a home are assembled and completed to our own Kimbel Construction standards.

We start with Trust:

Building a solid relationship between ourselves and you the customer is key to setting the tone for the entire project.  The relationships we build with each of our customers start out as business, but quickly turn to friendships and remain long after the sale.  We have maintained friendships with just about every customer we have ever dealt with and we enjoy seeing them and talking with them whenever we get the opportunity.

We deliver Quality:

Quality is a word that gets used quite a bit, but we truly believe in delivering a quality built home.  Quality starts with our subcontractors and suppliers.  They are an extension of who we are and we make sure we use only the best in the industry.  Our subcontractors know what we expect, and if they don’t deliver quality work, they either have to make it right or they won’t be working for us.  Registered Builder, Vince Kimbel has worked in the industry for fifteen years, and his time sitting on the Registered Builder committee at the Homebuilders Association of Louisville has given him the opportunity to see and hear about other builders’ work and problems.  His experience, knowledge and willingness to deliver the best possible home, insures you, the customer, that you are buying a quality built product.

We meet and exceed Expectations:

We have always believed that the more construction detail we get from the customer before we start the project the better.  Detailed information is used to estimate the cost of the home, is assembled into a set of specifications and is attached to a contract agreement.  This process insures that you get exactly what you wanted in your new home.  We have been told by many people that our pre-construction meetings and detailed specifications are second to none.  No one likes surprises when building a new home, so the more detail you know going into the construction process on what our responsibilities are, the more likely you will have a positive building experience and we will meet or exceed your expectations.

We Warrant our homes:

We stand behind our homes before, during and after the sale.  It may take 6 months to build your home, but it is our policy to give 100% customer satisfaction long after the sale is complete.  A (1) year warranty is standard in the industry, however Kimbel Construction, Inc. also provides each customer with a 2-10 Extended Warranty through Home Buyers Warranty Corporation.  It is not uncommon and we make it a practice to service and warrant legitimate customer service issues on all of our homes long after the warranties expire.  We also include a Kimbel Construction cornerstone on every home we build, signifying our stamp of approval and showing that we are not afraid to put our name on our homes.  We are very proud of the work we do and we want everyone to know what type of homes we build.  Not only do our policies make our customers, our friends thankful, it makes good business sense.


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