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"Louisville's accomplished Master Builder, hand-crafting Distinct Tailored Projects 
with Comprehensive Integrity, Adept Professionalism and GENUINE Personalized Service
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Each of our new home projects has a Distinct architectural uniqueness.  Whether it be bold, contemporary, farm house, eclectic or traditional; each have their own look and style.  Every homeowner and project are different and we love the challenge!
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Our renovation projects come from the perfect recipe: A client's idea is molded into an architectural design that is decorated with a designer's touch.  This collaboration allows for a unique and Tailored project to come to life.  
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Everyone wants to reap the rewards for living more efficiently but most people think that building energy efficiently is not affordable... Our experience says otherwise.  Kimbel projects are planned with a whole house "building science" approach so you can live in the most comfortable home you've ever lived in with lower utility costs for an affordable price.  Effective Planning is Key to Efficiency.
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Our clients and their children "Look for the Label" when purchasing building products for a new home or renovation project.   By choosing Made in America products we are making a difference, building the economy and creating jobs!
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