Kimbel Construction 2019

Tailored Renovations

St. Matthews Tour House

Having developed several commercial properties over the years, our upcoming home remodel would be the first project for ourselves.  We were looking for a team that could bring our vision of a farmhouse with panache to life.  We wanted our home to reflect elements of age combined with modern technology.  Vince Kimbel was that builder.  

We 1st met Vince while he was on a project for a family member.  We were able to watch the crews and contractors who worked for Vince.  We were impressed with the attention to detail, skill level of the craftsmen and the resulting product. 

Vince helped us develop a “smart” home that is very efficient.  We also

appreciated his focus on using American made products.  We now have a home that is as beautiful as it is efficient.  

His assistant, Kelly Doyle was an asset that made the entire process enjoyable.  We were in constant communication throughout the project which helped keep the contractors on task.  It was a pleasure working with people who are organized, prepared for meetings, and have all the right subcontractors.  Some folks say building a house ages you.  For us, we had a ball!  Ours was a great building experience.  Being in the service industry ourselves, we recognize good service when we get it.  Vince and Kelly did a great job and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a friend.

Steve and Trish S.

Anchorage Exterior Transformation

"Your experience really shows in your work.  We had some very tricky projects, and you excelled.  We were thrilled with the dedication, craftsmanship and the attention to detail that Kimbel Construction provided throughout our projects.  The team transformed our home into a beautiful and updated home for our future.  Our neighbors especially love it!  As engineers ourselves, we appreciate what it takes to complete a project to your customers' satisfaction.  Defining and keeping on track with the scope, timeline and budget were critical in meeting our expectations.  We are repeatedly impressed with the work the team completed each time.  The creativity and attention to detail are unmatched in the industry."

Gregg and Joan C.

Glenmary Bathroom Renovation

Our experience with Kimbel Construction could not have been better!   After we made the decision to remodel our master bathroom, we began evaluating our contractor needs.  Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail were at the top of our list.    Kimbel Construction provided this and much more!  Before construction began, Vince and Kelly gave us a detailed financial estimate based on our decisions and selections.  In addition, they also provided us with a project plan that included a detailed timeline for each phase of the remodel.  They did a great job of communicating with us throughout the project with any updates and changes to the timelines.   Vince and his team were committed to ensuring the final product was exactly what we had envisioned.  When we needed guidance, they were always more than willing to share with us their thoughts and ideas.    Kimbel Construction has organized a strong team of sub-contractors and vendors that work extremely well together.  We really appreciate the quality work that everyone did to provide a perfect bathroom renovation!  When we think of Kimbel Construction, we think of high quality craftsmanship!  They will always be our first call for our home construction needs!
Bill and Jeanne M.

First Home in Cherokee Triangle

and Farm House Interior and Exterior Updates

"Our architect introduced us to the work of Kimbel Construction.  Knowing how detail-orientated he is, we were glad to give the firm a try.  I cannot say enough good about the team.  Your accounting is clear and timely.  The communications skills Vince brings to the projects are truly formidable.  As a writer, I especially appreciate his regular update letters.  I've never seen anything like it from a contractor.  And the Esterle's - what can you say? It's like having the nicest, most patient and can-do trio.  You just want to squeeze them each time you see them.  We were able to close the book on a long and complex job with respect and gratitude all around.  Thank you for being the amazing outfit you all are."

Stephen and Emily R.

First Home in Cherokee Triangle Whole House Update