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Always 72 and Sunny in Prospect

"It is a real pleasure for me to recognize one of the finest professional builders in the state of Kentucky - Vince Kimbel.  In 2012 my wife and I decided to build a new home in Hidden Falls subdivision near Prospect.  Initially we were encouraged to attend a seminar about the benefits of building an energy-efficient home.  After the event was over, we decided that this was the right way to build a new house.  After interviewing all three builders recommended from the seminar, the decision was very easy for us to select Vince Kimbel, based on his methods of taking us through the many construction steps and helping us to select the many interior subcontractors.  The process was not easy but not overly complicated.  Finally, construction began in December 2013 and eleven months later we were in our beautiful new home.  The entire building phase was very pleasant for us, made that way by Vince's constant supervision of the project.  To this day both Vince and Kelly continue to help us when needed.  When we build our next home there will be no need to interview builders; Vince Kimbel and his very capable professional team will be the contractor.  He really is that good.  Remember, bigger is always better."

Don & Mary M.

St. Matthews Kitchen

"After working with Vince on a prior bathroom remodel, we knew there was no one else we would consider to remodel our kitchen.  When Vince told us that he would come in on budget, he did.  When he told us the work would be completed on time, it was.  Any small issues that came up during the project, he immediately responded and took care of them.  Kimbel Construction is backed by great people and Vince’s choice of sub-contractors is always top notch.  Our small kitchen ‘lives large’ because of the suggestions he made.  Even now, several years after the remodel when I walk into the kitchen I smile because it has truly become my ‘happy space’ in my home.   (I also know from having been friends with Vince and his wife for years, that Vince is always going to put great care and consideration into every project he undertakes!)"

Steve and Sandy D.

Anchorage Kitchen Renovation

"We are so thankful we chose Kimbel Construction for our kitchen remodel.  I was very hesitant about having my kitchen torn up and the uncertainty of having people in and out of my house constantly.  We met Vince at the home renovation show and decided to go ahead with the project.  Vince was professional, gave us good advice, put together a great team of workers whom we trusted, and most of all had the work done exactly when he said he would!!  Hats off and best wishes to all!  Thanks for a job well done."


Jim and Ginny D.

Merriday Hill Bathroom Renovations

"We couldn't be happier with the quality, communication, attention to detail, advice when decisions were difficult and adherence to a budget.  Everyone that we came in contact with on our project was professional and courteous and the follow-up / punch list was smooth and timely.  We cannot say enough great things about Vince, Kelly and the whole team and would feel comfortable recommending them for any size project."


Dean and Teri H.

The First "Kimbel" Home (1999)

My husband and I were lucky enough to have bought Vince’s first home he built. It was an Energy Star spec home in Glenmary.  I will never forget the day I drove up with my kiddos in tow and Vince was riding some machine grading the lot. I begged him to see the house as I hated interrupting him but it appeared from the outside to be exactly what we were looking for (after selling our first home in less than 24 hours)! And once I entered the home, I knew exactly that I needed to get my husband over to Glenmary immediately even before seeing the entire home. We got a contract on that house very quickly! The quality of the home in addition to being a new Energy Star home was too great to pass up! We loved every single minute of living there and working with Vince. Unfortunately we had to sell a few years later as we were transferred out of state and boy did we shed some tears when we had to leave our Kimbel home.

About 10 years later, we knew we were moving back to Louisville and immediately searched to see if Vince had any homes for sale and sad for us he did not and we did not have time for a custom build. We have tried to stay in touch with Vince over the years and enjoy seeing him every once in a while. Maybe someday we will be fortunate enough to own another Kimbel home or even have them help us with a remodel someday but for now, we highly recommend Vince and his entire Kimbel family to anyone in search of a new custom built home or any remodeling! We cannot thank them enough for our home that will always have a part of our heart!

Michael and Deanna S.

Hurstbourne Bonus Room and Glenview Basement

"We hired Kimbel Construction to do substantial remodeling work at two different homes in Louisville. The first project was converting attic space to a new bedroom and bathroom plus re-configuring a playroom and bedroom space. The second project was a complete gut and remodel of a basement into a media room and exercise room with new wood stairs, as well as remodeling several bedrooms and bathrooms.

On both projects Kimbel Construction did exceptional work. We worked closely with Vince during the design and planning stages for each project as well as the actual construction of the improvements. Vince was always prompt, well prepared and full of great ideas/suggestions to make each project look better and save costs when possible. What impressed Joanna and I was how meticulously Vince planned each job so that once the project began, there was never a day when work wasn’t being done by one of the sub-contractors or Kimbel employees. Because of this careful planning, Kimbel Construction completed all projects on time and within budget.  Moreover, during the construction process Vince or one of his managers appeared at the house on a daily basis checking on the work done to insure it was being done to a fine standard.  The finished work by Kimbel was superb – the craftsmanship extraordinary – and added significantly to our homes’ value.  We have moved to the Boston area now – if Vince could do the daily commute we would hire his company in a second to do more work for us!"

Nigel and Joanna T.

In-Law Suite Addition

"I've worked with many different type home contractors throughout the years.  none have scored a + for every quality a client expects and deserves from a contractor: Professionalism, Knowledgeable, Friendliness, Trustworthiness and a Love for what you do.  Kimbel Construction far exceeded my expectations, a definite A+ in every category.  It was a pleasure meeting and working with you."


Deborah B.

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