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- Holiday Home Makeover Projects -

Making A Difference and Making It Happen!

So many emotions surface when working on a family's home secretly to update it, bring it up to code or make it accessible for a child so their wheelchair can fit through doorways so they can easily navigate through the home.  We have been involved in several projects with Lisa Lynn Designs and many of our vendors have joined in to support our efforts.  A HUGE THANK YOU is extended to all involved before, during and after the project!  These projects would not be completed without the love, hard work and generosity of everyone involved.  It is truly a rewarding experience that everyone should feel in their lives.  It makes you want to give more, love more and well just smile when you see the work completed and the joy shining from the faces of each family member.  It makes the sacrifice worth it.  

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Holiday Home Makeover #5:

Our 5'th Holiday Extreme Makeover House was completed earlier this afternoon and we along with many others welcomed the family home to see their newly renovated home for the first time in over a month. What an enjoyable evening seeing this family welcomed back home by family and friends and I think it really put everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Can't say enough good things about my partners Lisa Knight and JoJo Johnson along with The Molly Johnson Foundation, our St. Michael Catholic Community and the hundreds of volunteers that it took to make all this happen. We did a great thing for a very special family and I can't thank everyone enough for their prayers, support and donations!

What would have taken over 4 months to complete was finished in just over 30 days and with a limited budget, I have to say Louisville is a very giving community. We completely transformed this house and I hope you enjoy all of these before and after pictures. Kimbel Construction is very proud to be a part of these unique projects and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Holiday Home Makeover #4:

Christmas Extreme Makeover - Day 10: We Did It! Finished 30 minutes ahead of schedule and got the family moved back in to their newly renovated home! What an emotional and inspirational event today when the street was lined with volunteers holding candles to greet the family! Seeing the children's expressions as they saw their new rooms was incredible and watching Mom see her new house was very powerful! The love and compassion that was showed this family by all who volunteered was truly moving. Thank you to all our volunteers from the bottom of my heart! Could not have completed this on time in 10 days without your help and dedication! We have made a huge difference for his family and what a gift we have given them for Christmas! Here are a few photos of the house before the family walked in. Also, watch WHAS11 News at 6:30 and 11 pm tonight for video of the event. Thank you to everyone for supporting us with this project! Your encouragement kept me going when it got difficult, so I thank you immensely!

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Holiday Home Makeover #1:

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Still searching for our other project photos.  We will add them soon!

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