"We have never built the same house twice."

Vince Kimbel

Distinct Homes

Stone Lakes Estates

"First and foremost, I wouldn't have anyone else build a home for me other than Kimbel Construction.  In ways you can say I am blessed having the opportunity to build two homes (so far) with Kimbel Construction.  The Kimbel team is top notch.  You guys have accomplished assembling a group of individuals and contractors that all walk with similar visions which is truly amazing.  It's not just one person that makes you great, it's the fact that everyone cares about their specific trade and wants to go the extra distance to do things right.  I have built other homes and work in the contracting business myself.  It's easy to find people that will do a job 70%, 80%, even 90% right.  It's the last 10% that really makes it what is should be and that last 10% is difficult for many others.  That's what separates Kimbel Construction from other builders.  So many great projects have been completed by you.  Made in America homes, ENERGYSTAR, small to large, remodels, basements, you name it.  What a tremendous portfolio of projects you have after 20 years, and all of them finished with excellent quality unmatched by others."

Daniel M.

Hidden Falls Subdivision

"It is a real pleasure for me to recognize one of the finest professional builders in the state of Kentucky - Vince Kimbel.  In 2012 my wife and I decided to build a new home in Hidden Falls subdivision near Prospect.  Initially we were encouraged to attend a seminar about the benefits of building an energy-efficient home.  After the event was over, we decided that this was the right way to build a new house.  After interviewing all three builders recommended from the seminar, the decision was very easy for us to select Vince Kimbel, based on his methods of taking us through the many construction steps and helping us to select the many interior subcontractors.  The process was not easy but not overly complicated.  Finally, construction began in December 2013 and eleven months later we were in our beautiful new home.  The entire building phase was very pleasant for us, made that way by Vince's constant supervision of the project.  To this day both Vince and Kelly continue to help us when needed.  When we build our next home there will be no need to interview builders; Vince Kimbel and his very capable professional team will be the contractor.  He really is that good.  Remember, bigger is always better."

Don & Mary M.

Shakes Run Subdivision

This was the third custom home my wife and I have built so it also was not the first time around the block for us. Vince was absolutely the best contractor I have ever used, bar none. I would recommend him to anyone. His attention to detail and customer service are top notch. Vince is known for building energy efficient homes. Our home tested to a HERS rating of 33 which is really good! The average new home today has an HERS rating of 100, so we are 67% more energy efficient than a standard new home built today.

We worked together to design a custom home from scratch. We finished the plans but were not able to start the home construction until we had finally sold our old home. We then bid the house out and he gave us an excellent

budget to work from. I had another bid, but Vince’s was the most complete and thorough and was more reflective of what the house would actually cost to build. The other builder (which I had used in the past) had a different process to build the home from and I very much preferred Vince’s process among several other reasons for ultimately choosing him. We actually paid all the contractors directly and Vince took a fixed fee to construct the home for us. Having built homes on cost plus, and fixed price with allowances I found this to be the best method by far. Vince acted as the general contractor on the home and was ultimately responsible for the home construction, but we paid all the cost directly. Any discounts for early payment were our discounts to keep. If nails cost less than we figured, it was our savings. It also went the other way some too, but I have to say that we came in well under budget on the project and we added some things along the way that were not budgeted. It is a great way to build. He keeps records to the penny, updates the budgets monthly to reflect overage/ under on our allowances. The best part of his process is that he uses real numbers to create budgets and allowances. The cabinet allowance was based on numbers bid by several companies and what we went and selected for the home based on the designs. If we didn’t meet the budget it was because we changed something, not because the allowance wasn’t enough or too much. Another major thing to comment on with Vince is the quality of our home. Having built (3) custom homes already this is by far (and I’m not sugar coating this) the best quality home I have ever been in. It is tight, comfortable, and about as perfect as it could be. He personally makes sure that the quality is to a very high standard. Many builders talk quality, but he really takes it to a different level. If having attention to little details is important to you then he is your guy. I can say that he is my number one pick to build a home with. 

Danny M.

Nevel Meade Subdivision

"Having Vince Kimbel build our custom home was one of the best decisions we ever made. From slow economy to start, Vince was amazingly patient. We initially wanted an Energy Star home and he had more experience than anyone. Our relationship began at a hard time for builders and yet Vince hung with us thru the design process and lovingly and patiently built the perfect home for our family. Every detail was meticulously planned and taken care of: the design, the trim, the finish and the interior were all perfection. We had a hard fall away lot and Vince made it into a patio and man cave. We wanted windows everywhere and architectural concrete designs in the floors and porches and Kimbel Construction made it all happen. The house was exactly what we wanted and so much more. The quality of the house was unmatched, as evidenced by the inspector who