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May 18, 2018

Kimbel Construction

20 Year Anniversary

WOW - 20 Years ago today, Kimbel Construction was born. Little did I know when I took that giant leap of faith to start a new business where we would be today. Looking back, we've created a lot of memories, you could say a lifetime of memories and I can say overall that I'm very happy and very proud of what we've been able to accomplish over the years.

Not only has this business provided for my family, but it's been a passion and I think we have helped create a lot of change in the industry. Starting back on May 19, 1998 the world was a very different place and I took a risk to do something I was very passionate about. My father Bill and wife Angela joined with me early on this adventure and later my sister Kelly came on board to keep everything rolling along. One doesn't start a business without a plan and in our case, maybe it was fate, but luckily I was introduced to the Energy Star Homes program in 1998 and fell in love with the concept to build energy efficient homes. We ended up pioneering the Energy Star program in Kentucky and to this date, we still claim to be building energy efficient homes longer than anyone else in the state! Kimbel Construction is synonymous with energy efficient construction and maybe that's are legacy as it's one of the things I'm most proud of. Our first client was actually my aunt Rosie who needed a bathroom renovation and I still remember working on that project. Our first home was a spec home for sale and the Smith family purchased it after driving by seeing me raking the front yard and asking if they could tour it. The Smiths eventually had to move away from Louisville, but have told me repeatedly that it was their favorite and best house they've ever lived in. In 2001 we built our first of 5 Homearama homes and over the years we also renovated 3 Tour of Remodeled Homes. We've been a regular at the Home Garden Show shaking hands, making friends and planting seeds for new business for 20 straight years. We have also been featured in countless magazines and articles and received numerous awards and recognition for our work. Always wanting to be ahead of the competition, we built the first Made in America home in Kentucky in 2013 and that started another new business that Kelly and I continue to work on to this day (more on that to come later). We've been fortunate to work with Lisa Knight and other builders on at least 5 Holiday Home Makeover projects that renovate a home for a family in need and although they were a lot of work, it is always very rewarding to see the families come home to a surprise extreme makeover. Several years ago, dad or Bill as most know him, stepped away from the company to semi-retire and although he still helps on the job occasionally, most people nowadays see him on the lake or at the golf course. Couldn't have done all this without his help along the way! One of my best friends Devin Esterle who has been with me since basically day one is still working on our jobs daily and we are a great team in the field. My sister Kelly continues to work with us and is my right hand man (woman) in the office and handles all of the day to day activities when I'm not around. Everyone loves Kelly and I couldn't do it without her either. Lastly my wife Angela who is tasked with all of the accounting and legal work tirelessly puts up with me and does a great job managing the books. Together we run a "well oiled ship" and that's not something all companies can say.


Thinking back over the years about all the people we've met including clients and subcontractors, I really am lucky to have gotten to know so many great people who had the trust in me to work on their projects. A huge giant THANK YOU to everyone who has ever been a part of our business and has had the faith in me and my family these last 20 years. We are looking forward to the future and we thank you for being a part of our lives!



Vince Kimbel
President - Kimbel Construction

"Distinct Homes & Tailored Renovations"

20 years 01.jpg

Vince and Bill in one of their first Distinct Homes.

20 years 05.jpg

The first home Kimbel built & the first

Custom ENERGY STAR home in Kentucky.

20 years 03.jpg
20 years 06.jpg

First company truck in 1998 and Vince's son Jordan dressed as "Bob the Builder" not long after Kimbel Construction was founded.

20 years 02.jpg

A 2001 Courier Journal article about Vince's

passion for building energy efficient homes.


Vince holding the definition of "Kimbel" signage

in front of a recent home completed.

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