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Gauge insulation via snow on roofs

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Kimbel Construction - Tip of the Day: We woke up this past Friday to our first snow of the season and it reminded me about how important effective insulation is to not only keep utility costs low, but also to keep our homes nice and comfy year round. If you’ve ever wondered how effective the insulation is in your home, just do what I did and walk outside after a snow and look at your roof. If your roof is completely covered with snow, that means there isn’t much heat loss through the ceiling and your insulation is doing it’s job effectively. If the snow has melted off maybe quicker than your neighbors roofs, it might be a good idea to evaluate if you need to upgrade your insulation because heat is obviously escaping through the ceiling and melting the snow.

I took a few photos while I walked outside Friday and found a few examples of what I mentioned above. One home on my street, which just happened to be a home I built for a client many years ago, was as I expected still covered with snow while some of my other neighbors homes had much of the snow on their roofs melted already. I’m a big proponent of foam insulation, and it was good to see that even after many years, the foam insulation on the Kimbel home was still doing it’s job effectively.

Hope you find this little trick helpful in evaluating the insulation in your home and I challenge everyone to see if your home can be the last house in your neighborhood with snow on the roof.

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