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Water Leak Detection

Kimbel Construction - IBS Product Spotlight: Touring the Builder Show in Vegas last month, I saw an innovative product that can be installed on both new and existing homes to help protect homes from water leaks and damage. Flo by Moen is a water shut-off valve that can detect leaks 24/7 and automatically shut-off the main water supply to the house when a leak is detected, possibly preventing thousands of dollars in damage. I know my parents have had old copper pipes develop pin holes in them that have flooded their home in the past and had a product like this been available and installed, the damage would have been minimal or none. The Flo by Moen valve is smart technology and works with an app on your phone to give you alerts and control over the valve. You literally can be out of the country and turn off the water to your home when a leak is detected. They retail for about $499 plus install, so let me know if you want one installed at your house. If so, I'll be glad to help you schedule our preferred plumber contractor to install one for you. You can find more info about this product by searching Flo by Moen in your browser.

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