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Not enough gas usage during winter per Utility Company

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

Kimbel Construction - Video of the Day: So the doorbell rings last week (sidenote: the Ring is an awesome doorbell) and I’m home and I answer the door and find a LG&E gas company employee at the door wanting to talk to me about why we’re not using much gas to heat our home? He says, LG&E sent him out to check the meter and me already knowing where this is going and reading between the lines I know they are curious if the meter is broken or if we are stealing the gas before it is metered or if we must have our house thermostat set at 50 degrees. I quickly tell him we have geothermal HVAC and the only other thing we use gas for is the fireplace, which my wife runs all the time. His reaction is priceless and it’s just another testament of how much lower your utility bills can be with geothermal HVAC! LG&E had to assume that something must be wrong because our bills are so much lower than our neighbors similarly sized homes. I’ve had other clients tell me similar stories and now it finally happened to me personally and I got the interaction on the video doorbell. There is still a 30% Federal tax credit available for geothermal installs, so if you are interested in installing geo in a new home or an existing home, let me know and I can put you in touch with the right people!

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