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We just turned on the heat November 1st! Efficient Homes Performing At Their Best!

Kimbel Construction - Photos of the Day: I can’t very well educate and promote that the BEST energy efficient homes are built by Kimbel Construction if I don’t live in and experience that type of home personally! In 2009 I built a model home that would eventually become our personal home and not only is it efficient, it won the LG&E award for the Best Scoring and most efficient home built in Louisville that year. When you combine a precast Superior Wall foundation system with a Structurally Insulated Panel Wall system (SIPS), Icynene spray foam insulation, high performance Andersen windows and a dual speed geothermal HVAC system, you end up with a super efficient house and the most comfortable house you’ll ever live in!

We tracked how much energy we were using for many years on our submeters and we averaged about $6 month for hot water and about $40 per month for HVAC. Considering these two items typically represent the majority of a homeowners monthly utility cost, our 3200 sq. ft. home performs at an incredibly low cost per month. In fact, I posted earlier this year that LG&E knocked on our door to find out why we weren’t using as much energy as our neighbors only to learn a few things from me (LOL).

Which brings me to the reason I’m posting this today: I hated to do it, but here it is November 1’st and I had to turn on the heat this morning, but only because temps and wind chills got down to the 20’s last night and we dropped a few degrees inside the house. We normally keep our house at 70 degrees year round with a 45% humidity set point, which is very comfortable for us. Sometimes it’s mid to late November before we turn on the heat, so hated to do it today, but for only a few pennies a day to maintain comfort, I’m not sacrificing our comfort to try and break a record!

I’ve always said that we’re not afraid to embrace unique/challenging building products and methods to create the most efficient homes possible. When other builders don’t want to get out of their comfort zone building atypical homes, we welcome the challenge and opportunity! If you have a specialty project that requires more attention that the standard home built to code, let us know. Check out our website and you’ll find out straight from our clients why choosing Kimbel Construction may be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Kimbel Construction: Distinct Homes and Tailored Renovations

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