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Choosing A Contractor

Brother / Sister Team: Vince Kimbel and Kelly Doyle

The single most important decision/challenge anyone building or renovating a home will make will be who they choose to hire and work alongside to complete their project. Homeowners absolutely have to know who they are hiring before signing a contract because whoever you hire will be your point of contact throughout the entire construction process and if anything goes wrong, you have to know this person is going to do the right thing! Homeowners should be looking to hire someone that is professional in everything they do, has integrity and will do the right thing when no one is looking and is genuine in personality and how they interact with others! It's important for every homeowner who is hiring a contractor to interview them, look at current and past work and check references including reaching out to the contractors past clients and asking them about their experiences and if they were satisfied. When a homeowner does all these things and they feel a sense of comfort, then and only then will they know they've found the right contractor.

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